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What Are Exterior Shutters?

Exterior shutters were originally constructed for light control, privacy and protection from various elements. These shutters hang to either side of the window or at the top. These can also be affixed on tracks applicable to the face of the building. Immovable and treatable louvers can discard rain, allows air to transfer, filters direct sunlight and provides privacy. Operable louvers shutter makes ventilation possible and also makes the provision for adequate light.


Solid panels and board and batten shutters are generally used for protection during severe weather. Non-functional shutters are only used to modify the exterior of a building. Functional shutters have traditionally been formed from solid woods that have proven to persist outside elements but have also been massively produced in woods. Finishing wood shutters is recommended for extended and a long life. Composite shutters have more advantages than wood shutters such as defiance to twisting, splitting, and rotting. PVC shutters are hinged with three or more hinges and painted with vinyl-safe paint to keep from distorting in the sun. They can require additional hardware.

There are hardwoods that are presently used for exterior shutters, like Spanish cedar, Honduran mahogany and teak. They have grain that actually exhales out moisture making them unaffected to rot and decay. They are durable than a softer wood like pine. The content of tannin in these woods protects the woods from insects. Non-functional exterior shutters can be constructed from vinyl, wood or other synthetic materials. Non-functional shutters simply screw or pin directly to the building. Fiberglass is being used lately for the making of composite functional shutters because it is not prone to rotting or twisting and also it is dimensionally stable and has little contraction. Its strength is equivalent to aluminum and it does not suffer from corrosion and electrolysis.

An exterior shutter is used in protecting windows and doors in a building against the ill effects of high winds, rain etc. They can be made from a variety of materials such as fiberglass, aluminum, iron, wood etc. and can be fitted in tracks to get quickly opened and closed. There are also influential resistant plastics that can be applied to new or prevalent wood shutters which provides protection against various things.

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